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Oyasumi ☆

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Sum ink

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*blares sirens*

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Some wing-it commissions ;3;

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razzle dazzle

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valentis characters…will be….my end…

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do not remove the caption

do not remove the caption

do not remove the caption

but if you really feel its necessary to do so, at least source it back like if you’re going to replace the desc. with fuckin “♥” or “-” is it really too much to link it back so it doesn’t look like you’re trying to take my post and I don’t have to sit here aggressively side-eyeing you for the rest of the night thanks 

i realize people want their blogs to look a certain way or whatever, but there are tumblr themes that achieve the same aesthetics without you having to delete an artist’s comment.

alternately if you think the artist’s comment is stupid and not worth sharing along with the artwork, consider for a moment if your own comment is any less inane?

the artist’s comment is infinitely more relevant than whatever you have to add to it, because they are the one who made the thing in the first place.

even if it’s just a jumble of letters and exclamation points. 

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30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Day 2 - Centaur

Do water horses count *sweating*

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30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Day 1 - Harpy

I’m not good at birds???

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Did i post these already *makes i dunno sound*

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Don’t lose your moe

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Did St uff today;;.

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I’m currently working on a new theme so if my blog looks super ugly thats why……..:’)

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Would anyone like waist-up commissions like this?

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Hi even if my captions are pointless pls don’t remove them