Tryin to get back into sketching (^◇^;)

Some Miku and PSG


I need to make about £2000 by September because student loans aren’t going to help me pay rent when I move out, so I’m opening up commissions all through summer!

I’ll draw pretty much anything, including NSFW material and gore! Just ask me and I’m sure we can work something out.

The sketchpages take up 2 pages in my sketchbook (one A4 page in total) and can be mailed out to you! Oh, and I can do them digitally as well if you’d prefer!

And experimental commissions basically involve me using a technique I don’t usually do, like digital painting, markers, watercolours, etc.

My email is, so send all orders and questions there! That email is also my paypal so if you don’t want a commission but can spare a few bucks I’d really appreciate donations as well! ;w; 

If you can’t give money then please reblog and boost this post at least for me, I’d really appreciate it!

Thank you, everyone!! (◡‿◡✿)

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Megaman doodles for the bf

I haven’t drawn anything in 5000 years

bun tat commission wip
I haven’t posted in like 300 years im sorr y
2003 was one hell of a year.
† L O L I  S Q U A D †
i named this file “stick a cactus in my ass” and that’s all i really have to say
"Hey guys I’m taking a break"
*draws waifu*

some cheebs i did today

Custom egg adoptable for conyu@FA
Sum deer